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Fraunhofer File System (FhGFS): Solid, Fast, and Made in Europe

There are a lot of good research projects going on in Europe: if you didn’t hear about them, it is simply because they are not receiving the media attention they deserve. One of such projects is the Fraunhofer parallel file … Continue reading

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Many-core and InfiniBand: Making Your Own CPUs Gives You Independence

The headline sounds like the obvious thing: of course, if you can make your own CPUs for your projects, then you don’t have to rely on CPU manufacturers. “But wait”, you would ask, “Aren’t CPU design and manufacture very expensive?” … Continue reading

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Parallel NFS (pNFS): the War Is Close

Every Unix of Linux system administrator knows NFS, the Network File System, invented back in 1984. Its notable feature is a very simple syntax: mount server.example.com:/exported/tree /example/mountpoint This will mount the server’s directory “/exported/tree” on a local machine, making it … Continue reading

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Open Hardware Paves the Way to Commodity Water Cooled Servers

Google is making its own custom servers, but they don’t disclose many important details. On the contrary, Facebook is trying to provide as much information as possible about their own custom servers — in the hope it will benefit the … Continue reading

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