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System-on-Wafer: Integrated Circuit Packaging Considered Harmful

Silicon wafers contain enormous numbers of microprocessors. For example, a typical 300 mm wafer, as used by Intel, can contain about 130 dies of Intel Core i7 “Sandy Bridge-E” CPUs (use the formula, Luke, and substitute S=435 mm² for a … Continue reading

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Fruits of Computing: Redefining “Green” in HPC Energy Usage

Suppose you are visiting a supercomputing centre for several days. Each day you submit your compute jobs and then go to a nearby tropical garden. While your jobs are being computed, you enjoy fresh tropical fruit, listen to exotic birds … Continue reading

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Marrying NVIDIA Tesla and InfiniBand?

My friend is working on a research project dedicated to many-core architectures, such as NVIDIA’s GPUs or Intel’s Xeon Phi, that have lots of simple cores best suited to straightforward computations. Sometimes those cores need to communicate with their neighbours … Continue reading

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Electrochemical Power Supply and Water Cooling, In One Go

I was searching the IBM website to find info on their cooling system, Aquasar, in the hope to find a better way to learn about it rather than just looking at their hardware. And indeed, I found something new and … Continue reading

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T-Platforms and Water Cooling

For ISC’11 in Hamburg, T-Platforms brought to their exhibition booth a prototype of a water-cooled system. I think I remember those thick black rubber tubes (and hope that was not a dream). (UPD: A Google search reveals that they were, … Continue reading

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Open Hardware Paves the Way to Commodity Water Cooled Servers

Google is making its own custom servers, but they don’t disclose many important details. On the contrary, Facebook is trying to provide as much information as possible about their own custom servers — in the hope it will benefit the … Continue reading

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