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Fraunhofer File System (FhGFS): Solid, Fast, and Made in Europe

There are a lot of good research projects going on in Europe: if you didn’t hear about them, it is simply because they are not receiving the media attention they deserve. One of such projects is the Fraunhofer parallel file … Continue reading

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Storage Vendors, You Would Upset Henry Ford

Certain storage vendors are allegedly selling replacement hard disk drives for their storage systems at inflated prices. I saw people complaining that their storage system will not accept a hard disk drive entirely identical to that found in their servers. … Continue reading

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Parallel NFS (pNFS): the War Is Close

Every Unix of Linux system administrator knows NFS, the Network File System, invented back in 1984. Its notable feature is a very simple syntax: mount server.example.com:/exported/tree /example/mountpoint This will mount the server’s directory “/exported/tree” on a local machine, making it … Continue reading

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Latency Everywhere

People from the high-performance computing field have a clear understanding that performance of technical systems (of various nature) is characterized by two metrics: throughput and latency. People in other fields sometimes focus on either throughput or latency alone. For many … Continue reading

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Lustre and Panasas Are Not So Different

As vendors try to showcase their products, there is often confusion regarding the difference between two similar products, such as PanFS from Panasas, Inc. and Lustre (from Sun, then Oracle, then Whamcloud, then Intel). But in this particular case, the … Continue reading

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Chroma Will Help to Provision and Manage Lustre Installations

Back to the good old days when I worked as a system administrator, I remember that I wanted to implement a Lustre file system for the two small clusters that we had (64 and 20 nodes, respectively). However, after learning … Continue reading

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