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Design your network
How many nodes will you initially have in your network?
Specify the number of compute nodes in your cluster. The more nodes you have, the more edge and core switches will be required.
Up to how many nodes will your network expand in the future?
If you plan to expand your cluster in the future (perhaps, in several stages), you can specify how many nodes it will have in its biggest configuration. The core level will be designed based on this number. If you plan for no expansion, simply leave this field equal to zero. Try different values for this expansion margin and observe how the required number of switches changes accordingly.
What is the maximum allowed blocking factor for your network?
Use "1" to design non-blocking networks. Fractional values are accepted (such as 1,0). Remember that for some parallel applications performance degradation may be higher than decrease in the total cost of your cluster computer, so creating a blocking network may not be worth it.
: 1

Prefer easily expandable networks (more intuitive)

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Human-readable output
Comma-separated values
Name-value pairs

See also: detailed description: fat-trees, torus networks, price disclaimer and help for automated queries.
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