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Fraunhofer File System (FhGFS): Solid, Fast, and Made in Europe

There are a lot of good research projects going on in Europe: if you didn’t hear about them, it is simply because they are not receiving the media attention they deserve. One of such projects is the Fraunhofer parallel file … Continue reading

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Floorplanning: Finding a Place for Your Racks

If you are designing a supercomputer or a data centre and know the number of racks that you need to place on the floor, you can easily calculate the required floor space using the new floor planning module that is … Continue reading

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Cluster Design Tools (ver. 0.8.2) Now Includes Support for Operating Expense Calculation

With the new version of the Cluster Design Tools, you can now easily specify parameters that influence operating expense of your machine. Here is how it works: before pressing the “Design” button, visit the “Settings” tab and set appropriate values … Continue reading

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Using Eight Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors for Asteroid Simulation

Colfax International is a US-based IT equipment and solution provider. What’s so special about them is that their web-based retail shop, Colfax Direct, lists thousands of items ready to be shipped, and all prices are available online, with no dumb … Continue reading

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Many-core and InfiniBand: Making Your Own CPUs Gives You Independence

The headline sounds like the obvious thing: of course, if you can make your own CPUs for your projects, then you don’t have to rely on CPU manufacturers. “But wait”, you would ask, “Aren’t CPU design and manufacture very expensive?” … Continue reading

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AMD Promises Hybrid CPU+GPU Device with Uniform Memory Access

The idea of using graphics hardware to perform computations dates back to 1978. However, AMD claims that it was them who “kicked off the GPGPU revolution” in November 2006. What is really important is that it was standardisation that allowed … Continue reading

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Clusters: A Disruptive Technology in the Supercomputing World

I recently completed my first Coursera course — “Surviving Disruptive Technologies” by Hank C. Lucas, Jr., Ph.D. and his staff. The course was an eye-opener: it gave enough examples to prove that sometimes companies do odd things and even go … Continue reading

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Storage Vendors, You Would Upset Henry Ford

Certain storage vendors are allegedly selling replacement hard disk drives for their storage systems at inflated prices. I saw people complaining that their storage system will not accept a hard disk drive entirely identical to that found in their servers. … Continue reading

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Parallel NFS (pNFS): the War Is Close

Every Unix of Linux system administrator knows NFS, the Network File System, invented back in 1984. Its notable feature is a very simple syntax: mount /example/mountpoint This will mount the server’s directory “/exported/tree” on a local machine, making it … Continue reading

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Memory Bandwidth for Intel Xeon Phi (And Friends)

John D. McCalpin, Ph.D., informally known as “Dr. Bandwidth” for his invention of STREAM memory bandwidth benchmark, posted STREAM results for Intel Xeon Phi and two Xeon-based servers made by Dell (see the end of his blog entry). All three … Continue reading

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