InfiniBand: Who is the Market Leader?

So, Intel recently announced their plans to acquire QLogic, the manufacturer of InfiniBand hardware and software.

I just wanted to compare the two major InfiniBand manufacturers, QLogic and Mellanox, by their sizes. Here is the graph:

If you are a pro in corporate finance, you can draw your own conclusions from these bars. In general, QLogic has a twice bigger head count, and they have sold about twice more products and services during their last financial year.

But what if you wanted to compare these two companies to Intel?

Hey, that’s what they call “lost in the noise”… Intel is just huge compared to both InfiniBand vendors!

Financial figures taken from:

Mellanox: [1], [2]
QLogic: [3], [4]
Intel: [5]

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2 Responses to InfiniBand: Who is the Market Leader?

  1. woha! i’ve always thought Mellanox was bigger than QLogic; perhaps they have a bigger marketing dept.

    perhaps this is old now, nearly one year old :p, now that intel has swallowed Qlogic, the only hint of new products from the new joint is a quite vague slide in the SaudiHPC conf last dec. (80Gbps QDR). wonder whats going on in the camp!

    • Konstantin S. Solnushkin says:

      Hi, Mohamed,

      It seems that Intel, after acquiring three network technologies (InfiniBand from QLogic, Ethernet from Fulcrum, and Gemini and Aries from Cray) will eventually start integrating the network controller right onto their CPUs. A good way to go, I believe.

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